...The Vision of Raising Awareness To The Need For The Development of The Pashtun People...  


The Pashtun Society has many goals and ambition.  The core of our long-term ambition include:

Working with already set-up NGO's/NPS's already set up in war torn Pashtun communities, who strive to work for the Pashtun communities affected by war, through helping to provide access to basic needs such as education and healthcare. 

Apart from supporting those NGO's/NPO's already in place, our other core future ambitions will include:

Initiating projects, that will help local foreign governments (outside UK), in regards to economic stability of their region.  An example of this will include helping Pashtuns to learn new skills in order to get a job or provide farmers with land on which they can grow crop to help maintain their families can communities.    

         Educating those Pashtun adults who have either previously failed in education or who haven't had the opportunity to access education.  The focus would be on rural educational-development in villages located in parts of the North-Western Frontier Province of Pakistan and Afghanistan.  One of the many problems that we have identified includes people not having easy access to education.  This could be because schooling is too far or people have no access to transportation.  This would be overcome by building special schools within villages, to teach specialist adult education to those who cannot read or write.


         Providing access to education for children, especially girls. One of the main reasons why Pashtun families who live in rural parts of the NWFP and Afghanistan, do not want to send their girls to school, is because the schools are usually too far from home.  To overcome this problem, we will be involved in projects that will allow access to schooling in their own villages.  This will also eliminate transportation problems and costs associated with it.  This will also facilitate poorer families, who otherwise would not be able to afford schooling - we would provide them funding or free tuition.   


         Helping those in desperate situation, due to war.  Our primary target will be those Pashtuns who are based in refugee camps.  We will support local foreign governments (outside the UK), who are finding it hard to meet the needs of refugee camp residents.  This could involve providing safe and warm temporary accommodation, away from the refugee camps, to those who need it most.  This will also open up access to things like healthcare, education, skills training, counseling, etc, through our intended programs

Both our short-term and long-term goals include providing a voice for Pashtun communities across the world - especially those who feel they are living under oppression and deprivation.  Most of our short-term goals are concentrated on activities within the UK and then possibly expanding to other parts of Europe, if there is a demand for it.  Our short-term goals, and Intermediate-term goals include:  

  • Awareness raising events of Pashtun language, culture and history.  Our focus here would be to educate non-Pashtuns/anyone who wants to learn about the Pashtuns.  The would involve Pashto language classes, lectures and seminars and other events dealing with Pashtun issues.  These would be open to anyone - however, our main target is the non-Pashtun populations of London and the UK.   


  • Support the development of teaching and learning materials on the subject of Pashto language, culture and history.   We would like to be involved in supporting and developing relevent, up to date learning and teaching materials, which agree with formats and can be adapted to different UK qualification sylubuses. 


  • Working with academic institutions and academic intelligensia to promote research and learning about the Pashtuns.  We plan to petition to the UK Government to make learning and teaching of Pashto language available at GSCE and A Level.  Other languages, such as Urdu and Arabic are currently available as part of a UK curriculum. 


  • Provide access to and promote Pashtun art and culture.  This would include promoting Pashtun music, film and television to non-Pashtun and Pashtun audiences based in the UK and Europe.  Currently, the Pashtun population within the UK do not have access to arts and culture that is representative of their own culture and language.  This will fulfill the criteria of providing a voice for Pashtun communities, especially those based in the UK.  We will be focusing on getting non-Pashtuns involved in helping to implement these projects. 


  • Pashtun Youth Project.  As a way to help local UK governments, we plan to initiate social programs, targeting Pashtun youth, mainly young Afghan/Pashtun refugees who are based in London and the rest of the UK.  This will allow young Pashtuns who may feel isolated and alone in a new country, to become active within their new community and surroundings.   Our youth project will encourage Afghan/Pashtun refugees to become good citizens and help them realise opportunities into work or education.  We will encourage and promote volunteerism, and social integration.  Examples would be taking youth on day trips to other parts of the UK, bowling, going to the cinema or sports activities.  This will provide lonely asylum seekers/refugees, who are new to this country, the opportunity to meet other young Pashtuns.  We will be working closely with organizations, such as the Refugee Council to reach out to Pashtun youth.


  • Being one of the first points of contact for Pashtun Asylum Seekers/Refugees and settled Pashtuns in London and the UK.  Although we will not be providing any type of in-depth formal advise in regards to immigration, claiming benefits, legal advise etc, we will be a point of contact for Pashtuns of any age and regardless of their nationality.  We will be pointing people in the right direction and informing them of other organizations that may be able to help them.  We will, however aim to provide basic informal advise, when it comes to things like applying for welfare benefits.  We can advise what type of benefits people could be eligible for and then refer them to the relevant organization.  We hope that this would help local UK government organizations, who would usually deal with basic enquiries. 


This is only a taste of the kind of projects and work that The Pashtun Society will be involved in.  If you would like to support this kind of work, we would much appreciate any kind of financial contribution you can make.  Remember that a little can go a long way!  Any money that will be raised will help us immensely to acheive some of our short-term goals, as well as long term ambitions.  Your small donation could be a matter of whether a young Pashtun refugee in a refugee camp will be able to have somewhere warm to sleep, or not.  Most needs of refugees who live in refugee camps are not met by the hosting country, simply because the country itself doesn't have the provisions in place to feed their refugees.   You could help stop the spread of diseases in war torn areas, or allow a Pashtun farmer, fleeing from war torn areas of NWFP,  to sow the seeds of his crop in order to provide for his family.   If you would like to make a small donation and contribute towards making this world a better place for all of us - not just some of us, donate today!  You can make your donations safely, through PayPal.  Please click on the link below. 











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