...The Vision of Raising Awareness To The Need For The Development of The Pashtun People...  



The aim of the Pashtun Society, is to promote the culture, language, heritage and identity of the Pashtun people. In today's political climate, the promotion of the Pashtun identity has never been more important, then it is now. The Pashtun nation has been ravaged with war, poverty, has been subjected to direct and indirect discrimination and well as being marginalized in the societies that they live in. The Pashtun Society has taken this initiative, to voice the opinions and insights of the Pashtun nation and of Pashtuns living all around the world.  The aim is to provide a platform, on which Pashtuns are able to unite and avail opportunities for development and social recognition.  The Pashtun Society is the 'voice' of the Pashtuns. We have initiated various petitions, for the benefits and for the demand of basic rights for Pashtuns, who have been adversely affected by the war in Afghanistan and the political games going on in Pakistan.  In the past, the Pashtun Society has published a monthly magazine, called 'Ariana Monthly', which was then re-titled to 'The Pakhtunkhwa'.  This magazine has currently been suspended, however there are plans to reinstate the magazine again. To read our published magazines, please click here. 

We are looking for people - Pashtun or non-Pashtun to help us raise awareness of the Pashtun cause around the world, and we are also interested in initiating cultural programs, that will enable cultural exchange between different nations and cultures.  We promote the existence of the Pashtun nation, in their own right, who have a very rich cultural and linguistic heritage.  If you are interested in cultural exchange programs, or if you would like to integrate our project with yours, please do not hesitate in contacting us.